Sunday, June 1, 2008

Flicka!!!!!!!!! (with some "Tristan" notes)

First off: Happy first day of June! One step closer to summer!

Second: Happy Birthday, Frederica von Stade, an original member of my "Coolest Mezzo's Ever" list.
Flicka (her loving nickname) is one of the most adorable Cherubinos, Octavians, Hansels, (to get out of the pants roles) Angelinas, Rosinas, Rusalkas (?), or mezzos ever! I look up to her so much and she's just a delightful singer! She's funny, gorgeous, and has a voice like gold. Did I mention that she's gorgeous? I love her! She's a fabulous actress also, and she's adorable!

Third: How many saw the Tristan und Isolde on PBS?? *searches crowd for hands*
Cool! Well, I watched it too! Although you all know that Wagner is not my fach, I really enjoyed the telecast! Deborah Voigt is the best, she was just amazing. The tenor was really great as well, considering the "last minute" circumstances of the performance. I have no complaints about any of the singers...
But what was with the split screen?!?!?!?!?! I didn't get it. The screen got smaller and I sometimes couldn't see what was happening! I won't go on about it...
Susan Graham was a delightful host, although I found her a little stiff (nerves?). She was very cute, even when Jimmy Levine was stroking her neck ("vocal cords"). That got a little weird. But he's a genius (they're both geniuses), what can you do?
Amazing telecast!!!!!! Go Debbie Voigt!

Happy Birthday, Flicka!

Happy Listening!


Olivia said...

I love your style Score Desk! Thanks for the birthday updates as usual.

Olivia said...

I like your idea to make some Dudamel links. Here are some of my favorites :):

Olivia said...

Excellent! I'm so glad you are doing the tribute post. What to say? He looks like a hair commercial. I like the way that he refers to the orchestra members as his brothers and sisters. I'm sure though that you will capture his contributions in the most apt phrase.