Friday, June 6, 2008

Tomorrow: The SAT II's, The Next Day: The World

Tomorrow are the SAT II's (aka every students nightmare) which are some of the hardest tests I/we will ever take in my/our life/lives. I've decided (psh) to take the Global History and the Chemistry exams...The chem was probably a mistake, but we'll see what happens!!!!!!
I'm about to go study for a billion hours, so I'm not allowed to post anything super significant until they are done and I've recovered (give it a day or two).
I promise I'll be back with some great things ie. Dudamel Tribute, Opera Exam, etc. (I mentioned those before, I think.)

Until then...
Happy Listening!!! =)

PS. Wish me luck!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I've been grading papers, so I'm late in responding to your SAT post. I hope it went terrifically well and that you are looking forward to some intensive study-free time.