Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jan Peerce, Cecilia Bartoli, and Robert Merrill

These three super spectacular (and beastly famous) singers celebrate their birthdays this week!!!!!! Cecilia and Robert Merrill have their birthdays today, and Jan Peerce had his yesterday.

So, I go to look for Jan Peerce on youtube, and all I seem to find are songs I've never heard of. I see "If Ever I Should Leave You" and songs of that sort, but hardly any operatic arias. (Don't get me wrong, that "If Ever" is gorgeous!!!!) I come across a certain, obscure aria called *cough* "Vesti La Giubba." I also saw "Salut! Demeure chaste e pure", "Scenes from La Traviata", and the "Rigoletto Quartet". I was reminded of what a rare and wonderful voice Jan Peerce possessed. What a guy, what a guy.
To make a nice transition.... Here's a clip of Jan Peerce and Robert Merrill together!!!
Robert Merrill... How to begin to describe this unbelievable singer? Well he's funny, touching, lovable, heartbreaking, and so many other things. I have to say, I have the Traviata with him (and Joan Sutherland) and I must say I don't think I've ever heard such a beautiful baritone. You just sit there and marvel at the greatness of this one man. I can't get over it! He's just amazing.

Cecilia Bartoli- Owner of the famous "Cecilia faces." Isn't that why we love her? Well... that's not the only reason! Maybe because she is a fierce singer who can throw off coloratura like nobody's business. Her lovely mezzo has everything we look for in our "COOLEST MEZZO'S EVER." (Cecilia is, needless to say, on that list.) I grew up with her "Se Tu M'ami" album. I've heard "Caro Mio Ben" no one knows how many times. Am I complaining? No.

Happy Birthday to our birthday singers!!!!

Happy Listening!!! =)

Coming Soon:
A Tribute to Gustavo Dudamel (you know... the guy with the hair)
The Opera Exam (part one of many)

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