Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Salut, Gounod Chaste et Pure...

Gounod's birthday was actually yesterday, but in my regents frenzy I neglected to do a tribute post.

The man who brought us Faust, Romeo et Juliette, and that fabulous no-not-the-one-that-everyone-knows "Ave Maria" celebrated his 190th birthday yesterday.
I find it interesting that Richard Wagner refused to listen to Faust. I never really understood why, because that music is just so beautiful. "Salut, demeure chaste et pure" with the high C just makes me sigh every time. And how about that baritone aria! That's not too shabby either!!! Note to world: In every good opera there's a great baritone.
Romeo et Juliette which was at the Met this season is a beautifully tragic opera, but it's only to be expected (it's Romeo and Juliet!!). My favorite aria has to be Juliette's Waltz "Je veux vivre." I find it quite amazing. Some of my other favorite's are the tenor aria just before the balcony scene and Stephano's "Que fais-tu, blanche tourterelle?"

Well, thank you Gounod for all the beautiful music and enjoyment you have given us.

Happy Birthday!! =)

Happy Listening!! =)

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