Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tributes to Lily Pons and Montserrat Caballe on Their Birthday

One soprano I simply can't live without is Montserrat Caballe. There has never been a soprano like her, she's just so beyond explanation. Her "Casta Diva" was the first one I heard and the last one I needed to hear to convince me that this was one of the most gorgeous aria's for the soprano voice. Everything about her exudes brilliance, and even though half the people who bought tickets for her performances didn't see her, the ones who did will never forget it.

Lily Pons was for so many singers (and fans) an inspiration. Beverly Sills, in her autobiography Bubbles, raves about Pons constantly and with good reason. What charm! What a voice! What a coloratura. Oh, she's so fabulous.

Happy Birthday to all!!!

Happy Listening!! =)

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