Thursday, April 24, 2008

Met in the Park Gone (After My First Season!) And My Summer Plans Are in Sudden Disaray!

So after last summer's performance I vowed to go every year to the Met in the Parks concerts. Now that I planned my whole summer around going (not really... hyperbole is my specialty!) Mr. Gelb is cancelling them (for good?), but have no fear! The Alagnas are here! They're doing a concert (not a full length opera) in Prospect Park.

This is a big scale down (even though Mr. Gelb would have us supposed otherwise) and according to some it's due to the "financial troubles" (total Rumor Patrol) that the Met has been having. If that's the case then scale it down! We'll just miss all the history and tradition that goes along with the park concerts. =(

NOTE: This is not a reproach on Mr. Gelb. He has done so many great things for the Met. The Sirius Radio, the HD movie transmissions, the press... The list goes on! We can't expect these things to pop out of thin air and not cost a significant amount of money. I still support Peter Gelb. We can't turn on him (I'm not saying anyone has, I'm just warning) because of this. He knew that it would take some time to pay all of this off. Yes. Of course! I just hope that he can continue with the great things he has planned for our glorious temple of opera.
Viva Peter Gelb!

Happy Listening!!! =)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr.Gelb for robbing so many of the only live operatic experience they may have all year.

Anonymous said...

Since you love Mr. Gelb so very much, perhaps you will let us all know when the first dollar of actual revenue comes in from all of the wonderful things he has done for THE MET and for opera.
Mr. Gelb has only one destroy the very organization which fired him once upon a time.