Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Abduction"'s Endless Sparkling and Wagner Retires

The New York Times review of "Abduction from Seraglio" in three sentences:
Diana Damrau's singing, acting, and person in general was sparkling. The rest of the cast sparkled brilliantly also. They lit up the city with said sparkling.

In case you want to read the actual review, here it is. Mine is better though. Nah nah.

Wolfgang Wagner has resigned from his position as head of the Bayreuth opera festival. He was head for at least 57 years, to my understanding. It is not clear who is taking over the festival, Katharina or Eva. After Katharina's disaster a few months ago, I'm sort of voting in the other direction. Having said that, I don't know what kind of person Eva is, so I won't judge. I'll leave it open for the Wagnerites to shed blood over. Not being a Wagnerite, I will stay out of it.

Happy Listening!!! =)


mostly opera... said...

Actually Katharina and Eva are making a joint bid for leadership and are running as a team so nobody has to chose between them...
What diaster of Katharina´s a few months ago are you referring to by the way?

CaroNome said...

I may have exaggerated, but her "Meistersinger" was, as I understand it, quite bad. Also, her "Trittico" in Berlin was booed also, I believe, but that was a few years ago.