Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ban, What Ban? Matthew Polenzani, THAT Matthew Polenzani? (Plus a "Who's Suing Who")

JDF and Peter Gelb admitted that the bis on Monday was not completely spontaneous. In fact, Peter Gelb had asked our dear Juan Diego weeks ago if he would be willing to do an encore. The rest (while also being history...) is explained in the article. We at Score Desk would also like to note that although the NY Times article says, "Before Monday night the only such occasion had been Luciano Pavarotti's repeating the second-act tenor aria in “Tosca” in 1994, Met officials said." We were not aware that Puccini had made "Vissi D'arte" an alternate for the tenor. Saying otherwise would be supposing that, in fact, the tenor aria they were referring to was in the THIRD act and therefore inferring that they got it wrong. Of course, we would never do anything of the sort.
There's also a video accompanying that article! Have fun watching it over and over!
Bernard Holland (who actually decided to attend the event he was reviewing) wrote this review about Monday's performance. While only briefly touching on the bis, he goes on to talk about tuning, the "drab" production, and Natalie Dessay's gorgeous singing. Ms. Dessay has been sadly neglected in this whole fiasco, so let's give her one unanimous pat on the back for taking it so well. No diva tantrums for this opera star!!!!!

Even after the tragic and heartbreaking death of Beverly Sills, the Beverly Sills Award is alive and well. This years recipient is the ultratalented and award-worthy Matthew Polenzani. After blowing me away in last years "Magic Flute", he captured my heart during a Sirius broadcast during which he was asked what opera character he was most like. To this question he replied, "I am most like Romeo because I have loved like that. Every day my love for my wife grows stronger." Or something to that effect, and he went on for a few minutes in that fashion. Margaret Juntwait hit the nail on the head when she said, "Every woman listening just went 'aaaahh.'" Congratulations to Matthew Polenzani! You deserve every award you get!

Who's Suing Who? (And For What?)
The Rosenblatt Recital Series is suing Erwin Schrott of Schrebko (aka. Anna's baby's daddy) because of his breach of contract for the second year in a row. He cancelled his recital (scheduled for June 11th) for unknown reasons, to the fury of Mr. Rosenblatt. He had this to say to the barihunk Schrott:

"For our audience to be treated with such gross unprofessionalism and disrespect
by Mr Schrott, on two occasions, is something that shouldn’t be
“This is a regrettable situation, but for the reputation of my
Series I cannot allow artists, with no lawful excuse, to renege on their
contractual commitments.
"In the seven years I’ve been running our recital
series I have been impressed time and again by the dedication of singers to
their art and their public. Singers such as Mr Schrott give opera a bad name and
a reputation for not caring for the people that pay to hear them sing.
“I am
disgusted by Mr Schrott’s callous disregard to his contractual obligations. His
behaviour is cowardly and I can only wonder if he has the guts to appear on a
London concert platform as this is the second time he’s backed out of appearing

Ouch.... I'd be angry too, but this is a full on RANT! Hey, that's my job!!!

Happy Listening!!! =)

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