Monday, April 14, 2008

Aprile Millo Day!

There are a few days I year that I think we should get off for. Maria Callas's birthday is one. Valentine's Day. Halloween. The anniversary of Caruso's death.
Aprile Millo's birthday is another.
If I had my way, it would be a national holiday today. We wouldn't have school, people wouldn't go to work, and every radio station would play Aprile Millo all day long. Would we get sick of it? Never in a million years!
Aprile Millo is oper-ific, Verdi-rific, blog-irific, over-all-terrific.

She's "my" Verdi soprano. Where ever I go, whoever I see in any of her roles I'll always say "Not as good as Millo." "Nope. Nothing compared to Millo." I did it at Ballo, at Aida in Verona, everywhere!

Happy Birthday, Ms. Millo!!!!!!!!
We love you!

Happy Listening!! =)
Happy Aprile Millo Day!

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marly said...

I'm a bit late for Madame Millo's birthday but I've spent a glorious morning in July listening to her exquisite singing. Her luminous and powerful voice erase the cares of the world for me.