Thursday, April 3, 2008


Rigoletto being broadcast LIVE right now!!!! Right now there are interviews going on in Spanish. Not sure what they are saying, because I don't speak Spanish. I'm going to guess the basic gist of it is "JDF OWNS YOU ALL." Hey, if I spoke Spanish that's what I would be saying!!!

I'm so excited. It's out of this world.

Update: It's a scene change and I made up a song. I went to go tell my mom that I was listening to the broadcast and this came out:
*To the tune of "La Donna e Mobile"*

Juan Diego Florez
Is live from Peru
It's from Peru
And it's Juan Diego Florez

He is singing
The Duke of Mantua
From Rigoletto
It's in Peru

It's live from Peru
And it's super cool
Juan Diego Flooooooreeezzzz
I-i-i-is amazing!!!
mm-MM-MM mm-MM-MM
Juan Diego Florez
mm-MM-MM mm-MM-MM
I-IS live from Peru!

Update: Verse 2

Juan Diego Florez
is really coo-oo-ool
He's really cool
Because he's the Duke

He is the Duke
And he seduces Gilda
But that's not cool
Nooooo that's not cool
(No-ot cool, No-ot cool)
But JDF is still cool
(Sti-ill cool, Sti-ill cool)
Ye-es he's still cool

Happy Listening!!! =)


Crazy Daisy said...

haha <3 the poems!!

CaroNome said...

Thanks. They just sort of sprang out. That occasionally happens when I'm listening to fabulous singers. It's always to the tune of a famous aria, too. Interesting...