Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pope, The Youth, The Classical Music

I'M SO SORRY. I haven't written since the 17th (yes, I've counted the days) for the simple reason that I have been staying at my grandparent's house (no computer) so I could see the pope at the youth rally in Yonkers. What an experience!!!!! To avoid rambling endlessly about the pope, I will move on to the other important aspect of the day. THE MUSIC!

Most of the music was wonderful (despite what some may assume, I DO know every word to Kelly Clarkson songs!) even though the "Ave Maria" less than thrilled me. (Was Renee Fleming out of town? Aprile Millo? Marcello Giordani? Florez? Kiri? Domingo?) The rapping brother really was a highlight, so was "Hear I Am." Okay, here's what you've been wondering... Was there any crossover? Well, I'm hear to tell you that yes, in fact, there was! The Three Graces, even though they sounded nice (I'm going to get murdered) as soon as I heard "a mix of pop, Broadway, and opera" I groaned. Here we go again. Joy was the opera singer, we were told, and she had recently performed in La Boheme. In the spirit of this holy event I will not say anything nasty. They sounded nice. All had lovely voices. =)
The singer for the mass was really good. The litany was beautiful! I almost wish she had sung the "Ave" instead of Kelly Clarkson. It comes down to star power in the end.
The pope was the real highlight, though. I just thought you'd rather hear about the music.

This all sparked a thought in my head. Two questions came into my mind.
Did the pope pick the artists that would be performing?
What sort of music does he really like?
in other words...
Does he know who Kelly Clarkson is?
Would he rather have Domingo again, or have Florez?

I think some should call Benny up and ask him. (Benny=B 16=the pope... we all have our loving nicknames. =])

Happy Listening!! =)


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