Monday, March 24, 2008

Les Indes Galantes

I'm always happy to be learning about whatever opera I can get my hands on. I love it when some one says "Oh, listen to this, it's my favorite." It's even better if I've never heard of it before. Obscure operas are treasures and who doesn't love treasure? Hearing a new singer that blows you away is the same way. It's a new discovery that you're so happy you made. Hearing a new opera and a new singer (both that are amazing) at the same time can be overwhelming, but in this instance I'm not sorry it happened.
I have to thank Sarah Noble at Prima la Musica (one of my favorite blogs) for posting this hysterical clip from the opera "Les Indes Galantes" and, as she promised, it's been stuck in my head all day. Needless to say, the conductor dancing at the end makes it. I don't know what's more ridiculous the production or how well the cast pulls it off! The fabulous singer I discovered was Patricia Petibon, the soprano that's kicking butt in her headdress in the slip. She's spectacular, really. Search for her on youtube, I'm sure you'll find other amazing things she's done.
Despite some of the ridiculous dances in the production, the opera itself is great. I love the music. It's one of those productions that's hard to watch, wonderful to listen to, but once you've started watching you can't stop!!!

How many opera's have you seen like that? Hard to watch, but great to listen to?
Or better yet, how about the other way around? Hard to listen to, but beautiful production?

Happy Listening!!

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Sarah said...

Well I am very very happy to have introduced you to the indescribably fabulous Patricia Petibon. The stuff of hers on YouTube is only half the fun - the woman is totally insane. Try, if you can, to hear her CD French Touch. She plays it straight for half the CD, then the madness starts. There's an aria where she sneezes on pitch. And you have never heard Olympia break down quite so spectacularly. Her French Baroque Arias disc is a bit more serious although it too has its moments of inspired lunacy. There's also a recital on DVD. Where among other things, she sings "Les filles de Cadix" - and mid-song, a giant stuffed spider descends from the ceiling, which she proceeds to beat with a stick, singing all the while. I kid you not.