Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gasp Heard 'Round the World: Part II (and Other News)

"Among major companies, the Metropolitan Opera has been particularly responsible about ensuring that worthy backup singers are on hand should a scheduled cast member have to withdraw."

Ouch. Thus began a painful review by Anthony Thommasini. It was probably not an pleasant one to write, although no where did I see mention of any booing. I'm sure it's unpleasant for any critic to write a review of a performance where a singer was booed, but in New York especially where a singer hasn't been booed that harshly in years. My sympathies, Mr. Thommasini.

In Other News:

Despite some other shocking (call me strait-laced) comments during the [rather shocking in itself] interview with *cough* Playboy, Anna Netrebko said one of the most intelligent things I've ever heard her say in an interview. I'm not saying she's not educated, just that some of the things she chooses to say are...questionable. What she said was wonderful and I think that every critic, fan, basher, director, conductor, and singer should read what she said:

"Sometimes you read that a singer is a miracle, the best, and you go to the opera and it's just a normal singer-good, but still... Sometimes I wonder why they write about me that way. It's harder to go onstage and sing when people expect a miracle from you. I'm not Mary. I'm just a singer."

Happy Listening!!! =)

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