Saturday, March 1, 2008

Otello act 1/2: okay im blogging from my phone. So far its just beyond belief even in standing room. Everyone sounds good especially renee of course. I cried when she came on the stage but thats a different story. Johan botha, while far from my favorite, is doing extremely well so far. Carlo guelfi is really amazing as iago. i keep hearing that he growls a lot but i only heard it once. He must be sick or something, not because he sounds bad, but because he keeps wiping his nose. Hm... Anyway, the chorus and orchestra are, as expected, fantastic.
Never let anyone tell you that u have a great view from standing room. Im in the second row in the orchestra and its hard to see. Cant write a lot more but i will go into detail later. Renee is fabulousssssssss!!!!!!!!!

Happy listening!!! =)

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