Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wagner Makes Me Bang My Head Against the Prompters Box

Well, not me, but Gary Lehman.

At the beginning of the third act of Tristan und Isolde Mr. Lehman was laying on a pallet. It slowly to quickly slide down the severely raked Met stage. His head slammed audibly onto the prompter's box. The audience "gasped, and some screamed," says SarahB who was there last night. Mr. Lehman's costars and some stage managers ran to his rescue and, after helping him stand, escorted him off stage. The curtain closed and after ten minutes an announcement was made that Gary Lehman was feeling better and wished to restart the scene. Needless to say, he got a large ovation at the end of the night. What a trooper!
Note: Deborah Voigt was the Isolde last night.

This is quite a bit worse than the incident at the Figaro this year. Simon Keenlyside (the Count) was throwing things off of the Countess's desk and one of the objects proceeded to roll right off the stage and bonk a cellist right in the head. She left at the end of the act and didn't return the rest of the performance. Ouch.

I want to see the HD transmission more than ever. Lord knows what will happen then!!!

Happy Listening!! =)

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funny......odd but funny none the less