Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joyce DiDonato shows us the beauty of the stage, and Jillian the beauty of fashion

Joyce DiDonato's photo skills are almost as good as her vocal skills. She presents to us a gorgeous photo of the Lyric Opera of Chicago's stage from a different angle than we're used to. Can she get any more fabulous?

Jillian Lewis should have won Project Runway. No questions, no comments, no concerns. Her clothes are so fabulous and women actually want to wear them!!!! I looove Christian, don't get me wrong, he is FIERCE, but who would actually wear that stuff? (Besides Victoria Beckham, course.) I loved Jillian from the start and I think it's a crime she didn't even get runner up! All three were amazing, but Jillian is my favorite! Wah!

Happy Listening!! =)

PS. More details later (I'm too tired again), but the Met's 125th anniversary gala is something I always thought would be a cool idea. Personally, I'd like to see the old Tosca, Turandot, and some of the old old ornate sets. But I mean, Chagall is cool, too! =P

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