Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scotto, Handel, and Other Ramblings

I was too distracted yesterday (unpacking and all that) to remember that it was Handel's birthday! So here's a late birthday greeting (I'm too tired to be creative):

Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah
One of my favorite parts of the Messiah: "There were Shepherd's..." I like Kiri singing this better, but youtube doesn't have it so, sorry!
The ever delicious "Ombra mai fu" arguably the most beautiful piece of music written for the human voice. And here are some other wonderful renditions.
Beverly Sills singing "Da tempeste" from Guilio Cesare.
Of course, Handel wrote so many operas its impossible to do them all justice here, and we must move on!

Today is the birthday of legendary soprano Renata Scotto!!!!
The final scene from Suor Angelica
"O Mio Babbino Caro"
The Lucia duet with Carlo Bergonzi
The famous yell during Luisa Miller
"Addio del Passato"

Other News:
While flipping through the NY Times Arts Section I saw an AD for a Kathleen Battle recital at Carnegie Hall. I was rather taken aback, not having heard from her in a while. Then I remembered "Oh, Carnegie Hall does not count as Lincoln Center." So she is fully permitted to step on that soil. She looks great in the picture, might I add, and I'm very curious to find out how it goes. Hm...

Happy Listening!!! =)


Anonymous said...

Also: not a Carnegie Hall presentation. A rental by Battle's management. Would she be allowed to rent the Met, if the Met did such a thing? Hmmmm.

CaroNome said...

Wow.... good point.

We'll see who wins this BATTLE.

I'm sorry, that was bad and out of place, but I HAD to put it SOMEWHERE!


Patrick D. McCoy said...

Ms. Battle's recital on Sunday was outstanding. New York City packed out Stern Auditorium. I along with with several other friends came to the recital from out of state.

Please visit my blog full of pictures from the recital. Also she sang for Pope Benedict today. It was on the news.