Monday, February 4, 2008

Awwwwww BABY!!!!!

As a little foot note to the post about Anna Netrebko's upcoming wedding to Erwin Schrott...


That's right, darlings, Anna and Erwin (Erna? Anwin? Netrott? TomKat?) are expecting their first child!!! Congrats to them both, this is gonna be the most anxiously awaited baby since, well, TomKat's kid. All I have to say is that kid is gonna be GORGEOUS! I mean, LOOK AT THE PARENTS!!! gorrrrrgeous!
THIS is big news. HUGE, in fact.


Am I getting mean???? O:-)

UPDATE: Anna has cancelled ALL her Met Lucia's this fall. My mother is devistated!!!! She's the real Anna fanatic in this house (every house needs one!) and she didn't see Lucia this season just so she could see Anna next season. OOPS. Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to it... Oh wait... Oh no! I was looking forward to it!!!!!!!

Happy Listening!!! =)