Thursday, February 7, 2008


My parents gave me an ultimatum:

Renee in Othello


Juan Deigo in Fille

Because I can't go to both? They have to go to one together and they have to choose between those two. Even though I chose "Manon Lescaut" for them to go to they have dinner plans for that night. I'm desperate!!!

My favorite soprano, or my favorite tenor. Let's see.... Hard decision? YES. Once in a lifetime or once in a liftime... Let's weigh the pros and cons. I have been begging to see Renee for some time now and I already saw Juan Diego in "Barbiere" last season. Renee is doing two productions next year. Juan Diego's next NY "Fille" is a few seasons away (but stillllll). Pros... cons.... Still can't decide!

Does anyone have any idea what I should do??? Please help me!!!

Happy Listening!!! =)


Sarah said...

That's worse than Sophie's Choice.
Usually I would say, pick the soprano!
But on the other hand - Juan Diego is Juan Diego. And probably gets more stage time as Tonio than Renée as Desdemona (there are too many damn boys in that opera and they go on and on). Also, does JDF's Tonio come with Natalie Dessay as Marie? Because that would be another reason to pick him. Though for all I know the decision is already made by now!

(P.S. Wonderful blog.)

(Prima la musica)

Anonymous said...

Standing room, kid!
No reason not to see both.

SarahB said...

Be a rebel! Get yourself a $15 ticket!!!! Standing room! Rush! Come on!

CaroNome said...

Oh I would LOVE more than anything to have one change in the standing room! I've been begging for ever for my parents to let me stand there for almost every opera. Nope, they don't want me standing for ____ hours in my ____ inch heals.
The other problem, they don't want me going in to the city by myself and I'm not sure they'd want to stand there with me.



I feel so left out though, it seems everyone either went yesterday or is going! =(