Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't talk to me about the Grammy Awards....

Because they cause me to bang my head against the wall. And the Pavarotti tribute?????? Opera Chic has a video clip of the tribute... that actually didn't have any real opera singers in it whatsoever. I mean, alright, that's like cool and stuff but like you know all like the other people are all like "Hey look, I'm cultured because there are people singing classical songs into a microphone and stuff."

I'm kidding, but seriously what were with some of the nominations? And some of the winners??????

Okay, okay, Lorraine won one... ONE. And Renee and Anna were both nominated for one and did either win? No.
WHAT IS "TOWER: MADE IN AMERICA" ????????? And why have I never heard of it before?

Don't get me started on the "best opera recording" nominees, loves. That's a whole other story... That will never be told. Sorry!!!

Happy Listening!!! =)

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