Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Thanks to two amazing friends, the best godfather ever, and Standing Room I will BE ABLE TO SEE RENEE IN OTELLO (this Saturday) and ALSO see Olga Borodina in Carmen that SAME EVENING.

It's too complicated to explain how it all came about. It makes my brain hurt. *ow*

That Saturday will consist of countless subway rides, one rushed lunch, a quick phone call to the Met, and one tired chickie at the end of the night. (Not necessarily in that exact order.) It will somehow all get done and I will be blogging from my cell phone (um, that's not a promise!) during the Otello intermissions, but will have a full review of the Carmen hopefully the next day.

I just have to say again that my two best friends are REALLY the BEST friends an opera buff like me could ask for and that my super amazing and totally cool godfather is, well, super amazing, totally cool, and, might I add, molto bello!!!!! =) lol

Happy Listening!!! =)

PS. To those of you that kept telling me to get Standing Room tickets, thank you as well because if everyone had not insisted then I probably wouldn't have fought as hard! Thanks! <3


tjojr said...

Yes I am. Especially the molto bello part!! :)

Don Tomaso

SarahB said...

Brava! It will be a rockin' great day!