Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When I Was a Lad...

Sir Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan) is someone whose music I grew up with. My dad always played the "Ultimate Gilbert and Sullivan" CD in the car. Occasionally I love to dig it up (now it's on my iPod, which makes it easier) and listen to it. (and so would my sisters and my cousins and my aunts)

Here are some highlights from G&S classics:

"I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General"
"When I Was a Lad"
"Three Little Maids from School are We"
"The Sun Whose Rays (The Moon and I)" (my favorite)
"A More Humane Mikado"
"Lord High Executioner"
"I've Got a Little List"

You may notice that most of there are from "The Mikado." The only reason for that (except me LOVING "The Mikado") is that I can't find videos on youtube that due the other shows justice. It's sad. I wanted clips of "Nevermind the Why and Wherefore", "Give Three Cheers", "A Cat Like Tread", and others, but I couldn't find any that I really liked. I'm biased. It's that darned fabulous D'Oyly Carte Opera Company (mentioned above) recording. It's just too good. I would advice you to invest in it directly. =)

Happy Birthday, Sir Arthur Sullivan!

Happy Listening!!! =)

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Klezmom said...

It's great that someone remembered! Long live Sir Arthur!

And don't forget...
This particularly rapid
unintelligible patter
isn't generally heard
and if it is, it doesn't matter!

Lori in Skokie, lover of Topsy-Turvy and the international G&S festival in Buxton.