Monday, May 12, 2008

Massenet: Bow in His Presence

Ohhhhhhhh French opera. Good stuff. Try it sometimes, it'll do you good.

Especially if the orchestral interludes sound like this and the sopranos sing like this.
In the mood for fun? Try a gavotte...
Want heartbreak? Try singing to a table...
Feel like writing a letter? Well...why not?

As you can see, all problems can be solved with a little Massenet. I mean, there's so much to choose from, I'm not sure in which gorgeous direction I should turn next!

Manon... for everyone!!!
Act I- fun-loving types
Act II- people who thrive from heartbreaks
Act III- Scene One- those teenage girls (like moi) who think they're princesses (aren't we?)
Scene Two- people desperate for a love duet
Act IV- the gamblers
Act V- tragedy lovers

Happy Birthday, Massenet!!!!

Happy Listening!! =)

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