Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sillsiana: Happy Birthday, Bubbles.

I've tried over and over in vain to explain to people the unbreakable bond between an opera lover and opera singers. After Beverly Sills died, I was depressed and could not listen to anyone else. I couldn't talk about anything else for weeks! They were so mad at me... "YOU DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HER!" was what they kept saying. Of course I didn't know her! My heart would have stopped if I had gone anywhere near her! Anyway, as soon as they said that I would shake my finger and try to explain to them the mutual affection and the chains that link together a listener and a singer. It's so hard to explain once you try. It's like, you do know the singer, but you don't. You feel this connection that is so powerful because they have given you so much! They have given their miraculous gift to us all and we share in the emotional experience that is opera. It's so incredible! Of course, who understands that but those who experience it? I was that way with Beverly Sills, and I suppose I still am. There will always be a bond between us two, not to mention all of her other dedicated fans!

We're gathered here today to remember the birthday of the immortal and utterly fantabulous Beverly Sills. Although this brilliant lady has left this world, her work will never be forgotten. We pay homage to her today, on the day of her birth. I have compiled for you some of her best performances and some of her funniest moments (in opera or otherwise). We love you, Bubbles.

The mad scene from Lucia di Lammermoor
The final scene from Roberto Devereux
"Pigoletto" from the Muppet Show
"Follie...Sempre Libera" from La Traviata
"Una voce poco fa" from Il Barbiere di Siviglia
"The Thunder of Battle" from The Daughter of the Regiment
"Sillsiana" at Hunter College. This gets my laughing (crying?) every time!!
"O luce di quest'anima" from Linda di Chamounix
"Je marche sur tous les chemins" from Manon
"Adieu, notre petite table" from Manon
Zerbinetta's aria from Ariadne auf Naxos
"Chacun le sait" from La Fille du Regiment
"Je suis Titania" from Mignon
"Da tempeste" from Guilio Cesare
The Queen of the Night aria from The Magic Flute
In an opera parody with Danny Kaye. "I come from a very classy part of Brooklyn."
The Willow Song from The Ballad of Baby Doe

and finally...
Beverly Sill's Final Performance. It never fails to bring on the waterworks. I always end up crying like a baby. It's pretty pathetic, but listen to her. Just listen to her! Listen to that marvelous voice! It's like an angel. She's simply an angel...

Happy Birthday, dear Bubbles!!

Happy Listening, from a very sentimental CaroNome... =)

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