Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Anthony Tommasini's "End of the Season Awards" (And Comments on the Met's Financial Situation)

After I held my illustrious (hardly...) End of the Season Awards, Anthony Tommasini followed suit (haha. funny.) After giving us some statistics and dollar signs concerning the Met's supposed "financial woes" Tommasini got to the good stuff and told us what (or who) he liked about this season at the Met.

But as I think back, it is individual performances by singers that stay with me, none more so than the tenor Anthony Dean Griffey’s portrayal of the title role in the Met’s new production of Britten's "Peter Grimes.” Singing with exemplary artistry and raw emotion, Mr. Griffey found his own way into the daunting role of Grimes, fully conveying that reclusive fisherman’s instability and violent streak while revealing the wounded child within. This was an overdue personal triumph for a selfless artist who rose through the ranks of the Met and had been underused until now...

He goes on to mention Natalie Dessay, Susan Graham, Renee Fleming, the cursed "Tristan und Isolde", Juan Diego Florez, and Philip Glass.

He wasn't as mean as me. He didn't talk about "the worst of" the season, like I did. I think that was a smart move, Mr. Tommasini. =)

Happy Listening!! =)


Anonymous said...

no H

CaroNome said...

Oh gosh, thanks. I'll change that right away.
I ALWAYS spell his name wrong. Whether it's one "m" and two "s"s or something like adding an "h" I'm always making a mistake!!