Saturday, May 17, 2008

4 Birthdays and a Camelot

The past two days have seen the birthdays of four of the world's greatest opera stars to ever grace the stages of the world's greatest opera houses. These four are:

I've been so lazy lately (it might be that all of my school projects are due in the same week), but this morning I got around to finally watching the Live from Lincoln Center "Camelot" that I recorded. I was debating whether to bother recording it or not, but thanks to Nathan Gunn I did. (Slight crush on that barihunk.) To go along with his sumptuous voice comes impeccable acting and perfect comic timing. The "C'est moi" was so adorable, you positively must watch it. His "If Ever I Would Leave You" (with Marin Mazzie) had me, figuratively, drooling over him. If Guinevere doesn't fall for that, then there is something wrong with her.

The rest of the cast is, needless to say, fantastic. Gabriel Byrne, Marin Mazzie, Fran Drescher, Christopher Lloyd, and Stacy Keach starred in the production with the NY Philharmonic conducted by Paul Gemignani. It would take me too long to say what I want to say about each cast member. Go to youtube look for videos from the telecast, you won't regret it!!!! =)

Happy Listening!!! =)

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