Monday, January 29, 2007

La Boheme

On Saturday I went to see the truly spectacular Zeffirelli production of "La Boheme" at the Met and the amazing cast was as follows...

Mimi- Elena Evseeva
Rodolfo- Marcello Giordani
Marcello-Dwayne Croft
Musetta- Einhoa Arteta
Colline- John Relyea
Schaunard- Aaron St. Clair Nicholson
Benoit/Alcindoro- Paul Plishka
Conductor- Carlo Rizzi

Elena Evseeva was a moving and adorable Mimi. Her singing was impeccable and crystal clear. Marcello Giordani was an absolutely stunning Rodolfo. I was not sure what I would think of him before the performance, even though the New York Times (and my parents) loved him. I went into the house expecting a little less than I should have. I thought since all the hype in the paper that I should expect a lot, but I didn't want to be disappointed. Oh goodness, I wouldn't have been! He was marvelous! Tall, handsome, Italian, his voice was marvelous ("Che Gelida Manina" brought the house down), but sadly, he's taken. Oh well, so much for that.
Ms. Arteta's Musetta was flirty, pretty, and fun! Her waltz was one of the highlights that evening. Her acting was flawless and her high notes loud. Hey, I like loud.
The rest of the cast was amazing. Especially in that final scene, oh baby. I must admit, I cried. But who doesn't cry at the finale of "La Boheme?" Seriously! It's so depressing. She just dies, everyone except for the love of her life knows that shes dead, he yells "Mimi!!!" over her dead body. What's worse??? *sob* I cried.

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