Tuesday, January 2, 2007

La Scala's infamous loggionisti diss Alagna and he deserts the stage

La Scala booing Roberto Alagna:


Geez, K-Fed on WWE RAW had a worse reception than Alagna, but you don't see this wanna be rapper-gone-wrestler stomping away.
Tsk tsk, Roberto, tsk tsk! Shame, shame, shame!
I personally think that walking off any opera stage, but especially a place like La Scala, is completely unnecessary, unprofessional, and just down-right unacceptable! When I read the article in the NY Times about Alagna and watched the various movies on Youtube (greatest website ever!) I thought it was the funniest thing in the world. It still is! Completely obnoxious, but hysterical. The look on that poor mezzo's face!! Funniest thing ever.

Antonello Palombi took the incident extremely well as he was shoved onto the stage in street clothes to finish the act. Bravo, Mr. Palombi, bravo indeed! It was not only brave of him to step out onto the stage to cries of "vergogna!" ("shame!") , which were not directed at him, but also it was mature. Taking hold of a situation of that manner shows a great sense of maturity. Again I say "Bravo! Bravo!"

Some quotes from an article on Playbillarts.com...(http://www.playbillarts.com/news/article/5710.html)

Mezzo Ildikó Komlósi, singing the Egyptian princess Amneris, was "left to sing a duet by myself," as she put it after the performance. As she began the piece, the stage manager grabbed understudy Antonello Palombi and literally threw him onto stage in street clothes, amid cries of "vergogna!" ("Shame!") from the balcony, so that Act I could be completed.

A duet? Left just before a duet? Tsk tsk, that's terrible, sir, terrible!

Meanwhile, the furious Alagna told paparazzi outside the theater, "I'm displeased, embittered, stunned: I have sung all over the world, but standing in front of tonight's audience, I felt like I was in another world ... I sang beautifully, I was bravissimo. Too bad for those who didn't understand." (The quotes and tranlsations were posted on the blog Opera Chic, which has been offering detailed and regularly updated accounts of the saga.)

Bravissimo? For a sharp note? I don't know, man, I just don't know. Seeing that video and listening to it, I wouldn't have known what to do. Personally, I would have clapped politely and not yelled anything.

"I shall never come back to La Scala: This is not a theater, it's a Roman arena," the angry divo continued. "Professionals here get manipulated. I have canceled my commitment for Manon Lescaut in 2008. My wife is thinking of canceling her commitment for La traviata here in July 2007." (Said wife, soprano Angela Gheorghiu, is notoriously strong-minded herself, and her eventual decision remains to be seen.)

Okay, Mr. Alagna, I'm sure that they don't want you back! He'll be booed to the ground next time he shows his face at La Scala. Loggionisti remember everything!! Angela Georghiu cancelling her commitment for La Traviata? Very likely! I can see her doing that, actually. The Love Couple strikes again! Just no matching jump-suits this time, okay?

Who does he think he is? Pavarotti? No, Pavarotti has more dignity than that. The next Pavarotti? Ha, he should live so long!
That being said, if he comes near the Metroplitan Opera House, I'll be there to see how much of the loggionisti treatment he trully deserves *evil snicker*!


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