Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Voyage: Me and Philip Glass

I've never met, seen, or heard any opera of Philip Glass, but apparently he determined the day I was born, gave me my first taste of high art, and made me the person I am today (an opera fanatic). Well... HOW? Well, since it's his birthday I'll tell you. =)

Like I said a while ago, my parents saw "The Voyage" the night before I was born. There I was, bouncing along to the bass line begging to be let out to (a) hear that music or (b) get out of that place as fast as possible! (I'd guess the first, considering my love of opera.) I was born the next day, 2 weeks early and eager to hear more of that opera!

← I was hardly anywhere in 1992... but I was THERE!!
And I knew which explorer it was about.
My history is about as good as my opera. =P

Happy Listening!!! =)

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