Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Rather Shocked...

...And utterly saddened to say that tenor Sergei Larin died late Sunday. He was 51.
I had never realized, like many others, that he was ill and even though I had not heard about him in a while I did not think it was anything so serious! My first, and sadly only, exposure to Maestro Larin, was from the movie "The Turandot Project" that bit me with the opera bug. He was one of the Calaf's in the Forbidden City production and I have to say left quite an impression on me! I searched for information on him, but gave up after finding very little (or finding that he wasn't singing at the Met any time soon).
Another opera singer gone, another we shall miss. Let's hope none of this continues!

RIP Sergei Larin

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