Monday, March 12, 2007

Why I really like opera...

The real reason I love opera...

It was the night before I was born. My mom and dad get all dressed up and head out of the house with my grandparents. They drive towards the Metropolitan Opera House. They sit through God-knows-how-many hours of Philip Glass's The Voyage when it first premiered. My mom said I was bouncing around to the bass line the entire performance. 12 hours after the performance ended, I was born (2 weeks early). I needed to get out and hear that beautiful music! (by the way, the opera hasn't been heard at the Met since, I don't think!!)

And that's the reason I love the opera! I was born to listen, haha.

Funny, I've never actually heard a Glass opera. Maybe I should go see Satyagraha after all!!

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Anonymous said...

1996 (premiered 92) - god you *are* a young opera fan!

The directors for Satyagraha are amazingly talented, and after all you can't rule out Glass' operas til you've heard one. (Then, go right ahead...) You should definitely check it out.