Saturday, November 10, 2007

So I saw Bocelli at the Met today... wait... WHAT??!?!

Okay, so I didn't see him. But somebody did. Andrea Bocelli was auditioning, yes auditioning, yesterday for his bffaeaeaeae Peter Gelb. Don't freak out, they're not thinking of putting him in an opera, but they are considering letting him have the house for a off-season piano recital. A recital which I will not be attending. =)

Yes, I saw the words "Bocelli" and "the Met" in the same sentence and I almost fell out of my chair. If they were hiring him for an opera, I would be the first to give Mr. Gelb a piece of mind, but a piano recital is okay. I mean, Bocelli has so many fans that Carnegie Hall might not be big enough!!!
Plus, didn't someone say something about bringing more people to the Met? Well, I guess this is one way!

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