Thursday, November 15, 2007

Celine Dion + Maria Callas= ?!?!?! CONFUSION ?!?!

According to the amazing La Cieca, Celine will be playing our divine Maria Callas in an upcoming "biopic"????? Okay, maybe she just wants to and its not actually going to happen. Who knows, with Bocelli at the Met and a Charlotte Church Butterfly in place (just kidding!) anything is possible! =)

In other news...
Has anyone noticed that Aprile Millo has a beautiful blog? Well she does! It's wonderful and I check it all the time to see her new pictures and videos and see what news she has next!!! =) Yea, work it, Aprile!!!!!! =) It's called Operavision and the link is here. Enjoy because I do!!!

Happy Listening! =)

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