Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ponselle in the Discards???

I was at my local library today (conveniently located next door to my house) looking through CDs when I cam across a lovely "L'Elisir d'Amore" featuring Luciano Pavarotti and Kathleen Battle. Naturally, I plucked it from the shelf and skipped my way to the check-out desk. Next to the desk there is a shelf labeled "Discards: 50 cents each, 3 for $1". Usually, there is nothing there for me, but today a particular book caught my eye...

The title was "ROSA PONSELLE"

The biography of Rosa Ponselle was on the Discard shelf! I was speechless! I actually asked the librarian if it was a mistake. When she she said it wasn't I happily took it off their hands. It just shocked me that Rosa Ponselle was being "discarded"!!! I'm sure this isn't foreshadowing the doom of opera, but it sure as heck surprised me!!

(PS. 5 days until the opening of the Met season!!!! =) yay!)

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