Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Homer of Seville (and the groupies of opera)

I have to say that I was a little offended that most of the groupies were old women... what about the young people? Well, gotta keep up the stereotypes, right? =P
I thought that it was such a funny episode! At one point there is this exchange between Mr. Burns and Homer Simpson:
Burns- "Homer you're a star!"
Homer- "Yeah!"
Burns- "An opera star!"
Homer- "...oh..."
hahaha I had a good laugh about that one. After Homer's "freak accident" he realizes that he has a miraculous tenor voice... but only if he sings on his back. So, at the end of La Boheme he pushes the dead Mimi off the bed and lies on it so he can sing his final "Mimi!"s. Quite hilarious.
Yes, Mr. Placido Domingo does make an appearance. Not a very flattering appearance, but funny all the same. Homer even says "Out of all the Three Tenors, you are my second favorite! No, wait, I forgot about the other guy... You're my third favorite, sorry!" I thought that was pretty funny too.
The main premise of the episode is to demonstrate how far some groupies will go to be with the stars. It's quite weird, I'm not going to lie. The president of Homer's fan club tries to kill him after he denies her. Sounds like many operas, doesn't it?

At the end Homer says one final hysterical line that I think does us opera fans some good:
"I'm quitting the opera, it's just too popular!"


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