Wednesday, September 5, 2007


It's good to be back.... but not when I come back to news like THIS!!!!

ROME (Reuters) - Luciano Pavarotti's health has deteriorated and the 71-year-old singer is in a "very serious condition," Italy's AGI news agency reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources.
Pavarotti, who was released from hospital on August 25 after undergoing more than two weeks of tests and treatment, was being attended to at home by cancer specialists, AGI said.

I hope everyone here realizes that if he dies, the world will have lost two of the biggest opera icons (and best opera stars) to ever grace us mortals with their presence in a span of about 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!
They're droppin' like flies and WHO CAN SAVE US NOW??????

I'll bring some good news soon....I hope....

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