Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Inevitable- Cancellations

Cancellation numero uno:

Anna Netrebko underestimated the time she would need with her new baby before returning to the stage. As a result, she has cancelled her scheduled performances of Mimi at the Met. Maija Kovalevska is going to replace the Trebster in those performances. However, La Trebs will still be singing her scheduled Lucia's at the Met.

Cancellation numero deux/trois:

Despite the amazing advertisements and super cool pictures, Salvatore Licitra will not be singing Manrico in the Met's brand new Trovatore. Marcelo Alvarez will be this season's Manrico (the run starts February 16th). This means that Alvarez will have to cancel Adriana Lecouvreur, but never fear! TBA is here! Old reliable "to be announced" has replaced Marcelo Alvarez as Maurizio until further notice.

Happy Listening!!! =)

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