Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Domingo Replacing Alvarez in "Adriana Lecouvreur"

Crisis resolved. TBA deleted. Domingo is a superhero.
Not only does Placido Domigo get a gala in his honor, but the Met is also "letting him" (not exactly) jump into the role of Maurizio after not singing it there for 25 years! It was the role he debuted at the Met in (with Tebaldi) and he only performed it at the Met once more in 1983.
Marcelo Alvarez, as we all know, has to replace Salvatore Licitra in Trovatore and can not perform in any of the six performances of Adriana.
Well.... Let's just say Adriana ticket holders aren't complaining. I'm sure Maria Guleghina (the leading lady) isn't either.

Domingo! To the Rescue!

Happy Listening!!! =)


Can Bass 1 said...

Goodness - what good fortune for those with tickets!

Anonymous said...

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