Sunday, April 26, 2009

Anvil by Anvil, the Met Continues its Search for a Proper Production of "Il Trovatore"

Il Trovatore April 25, 2009

In other words, the Met has not found its definitive Trovatore production.
I won't talk about the singers, even though that's totally sacrilegious, because all the singers were very good, even though it was not the original cast. Right now I just want to talk about the production because the Met has had such problems finding the right Trovatore.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood, but I did not enjoy it at all. The small cut out windows on the wall and the wire crucifix? I didn't quite get the whole thing; it looked rather industrial. The only set I liked was the scene of the Anvil Chorus, that really had life in it. With the pyre and the red aura it stuck out more than any other scene. Well, at least it was the one that stuck out for the right reasons.
I suppose the reason I didn't like it at all, besides the Anvil Scene, was because I had such high expectations for such a beloved opera. I had never seen Il Trovatore, this was my first time ever, and I wasn't as blown away as I expected myself to be. Perhaps the cast didn't suit me? Was it the production? Or a combination of the two?
I will be kind and give it another season before I start calling for a new production. Let's hope that a more invigorating cast can save this almost distressing production next time. =)

I'd also like to add, this is totally random and has nothing to do with anything, that Junior year is not a fun year for a student haha. Yes, this is my excuse for being totally neglectful of this poor blog. After this year it's smooth sailing (besides college applications) so the future looks bright. I just need to get to the end of this year and I will be completely myself again!!!!! =)

Happy Listening!!! =)


FlorezRocks said...


did you see the performance with all those sub-par, obese singers?

The original cast with Hvorostovsky and Radvanovsky was unbelievable. You can listen to the amazing duet between them two here:

(someone's illegal film of the MET production).


SarahB said...

I'm late to read your review...but my goodness! This was my favorite production of the entire year! Hvorostovsky, Radvanovsky, Zajick (and the 2nd time Luciana D'Intino) were nothing less than brilliant!

CaroNome said...

I wish I had seen the cast with Hvorostovsky, unfortunately I saw the second cast which was sadly underwhelming. Zajick, at least, was still singing Azucena which I thoroughly enjoyed! =)