Sunday, July 27, 2008

Snap Back to Reality ("The Little Mermaid" and James Levine... Not Related)

I was officially snapped back to reality yesterday. My family and I saw "The Little Mermaid" on Broadway and it said to my mind "Yes, you are officially not in Saratoga Springs anymore." In other words "Yes, you are officially back in (arguably) the arts capital of the world."

Well, here's the scoop on "Little Mermaid" and Francesca Zambello.
I could tell right away that she was an opera director. All the sets were huge, too big for that stage. They looked made for an opera house (heaven forbid) and part of the time it looked like people were ducking and moving out of the way. Okay, I'm exaggerating a tad, but the sets were big and bulky. Other than that, I didn't have a real problem with them. I liked the scary little bubble Ursula traveled around in and the all purpose rotating chandelier that is the sun one minute, a giant chandelier the next and everything in between!
My favorite character: Ursula. Why is it that I always love the villains? I'm destined to be the first female baritone. All villains all the time.

Here's the scoop on James Levine.
I was really upset when I heard that Maestro Levine was to have surgery. I'm really sorry I didn't post about it. You know, SPAC and all that. He had surgery to remove what turned out to be a malignant tumor in his kidney. His brother says that the surgery was successful and curative. The tumor does not appear to have spread and the maestro will continue to recover at home. Get well soon!!!! Don't worry, he'll be ready by the Met opening night!! =)

Happy Listening!! =)

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