Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bubbles Gravely Ill

It was reported today that our beloved Beverly Sills is gravely ill.

She is now at a Manhattan hospital. reported that she is suffering from cancer, although in 1974 she underwent successful cancer surgery. One source said that she had lung cancer, although that hasn't been proven. Her daughter, Muffie, is by her side.

Bubbles, you are in our prayers and please get better!!!

(The full story can be found at, but as this story progresses I will be bringing you all the breakthroughs.)

******UPDATE: Bubbles's publicist confirms illness: (from
"It's grave. This whole matter of this discovery of cancer has been just about four weeks now. Up until that she had no idea," publicist Edgar Vincent said. He did not release details on the nature of her cancer.
Sills was in a New York hospital for a broken rib suffered from a fall. Otherwise she would be home, Vincent said."

******UPDATE: Apparently Beverly Sills is supposed to be going home to her New York apartment today. I've only heard this from a few sources, and they say that she's going home to spend her last days there.

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