Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Dear Readers

I apologize for my two week absence, but I haven't opened a computer since the Dudamel concert because of two words: midterm week. I haven't touched a computer or anything like that in order to study for these awful awful tests. However, I am back! Midterms are over, I have an opera tonight, and I have missed so much already!
It's crazy how many things I've missed:
The return of Trebs and Villazon,
the cancellation of the OONY season,
and the birthdays of:
Sherrill Milnes
James Morris
Juan Diego Florez
Renato Bruson
Ben Heppner
Marilyn Horne
Katia Ricciarelli
Placido Domingo
Joseph Calleja
Marcello Giordani
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
and today's birthday boy: Philip Glass

In a few words about the Dudamel concert:
Mahler's 5th has changed the way I look at orchestras
Zukerman changed the way I see violins because that Knussen piece was crazy
Dudamel has changed the way I look at hair.... forever...

Happy Listening!!! =) =)

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