Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teddy and Isabel Sittin' in a Tree...

To the dismay of many a sighing opera fans, barihunk Teddy Tahu Rhodes is planning to be married in New York City, where they will have their home, this December.
I'll give you some hints about who he's engaged to...
She's a mezzo.
She's up and coming.
She is on my cool mezzo list.
She was in Romeo et Juliette at the Met last season.
She is the only mezzo I could possibly stand giving Teddy up to.
That's right! It's my favorite up and coming singer and fellow New Yorker, Isabel Leonard!!!! I wish them the best. They are both so cute and I hope they have long and happy lives together.
Enter opera's next big opera love couple.
Happy Listening!!!!! =)

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Sarah said...

He's pretty wonderful, isn't he?
He's singing Billy Budd here in Sydney right now, which is AMAZING. And at Makropulos Case last night my friend and I were sitting beside him. I swear he was the tallest person in the theatre, you could see him towering over the crowds from across the foyer.