Monday, December 17, 2007

ROFLOL He said "Pottarotti!"

The Best and Worst of Opera: 2007

from England, or else the Met would take up the entire "best" column. =P Just kidding, other people can get some room, too.
I like the descriptions of the "Pottarotti"s of the world (i.e. Paul Potts, Katherine Jenkins, etc.) who warble an aria into a microphone and start saying things like "I would like to sing Madama Butterfly." Sorry, dearies, the opera houses' doors are CLOSED, even if you will bring in 3274892374892384792348230 more fans to the houses. It makes no difference, we don't like mikes at the Met or at any other beautiful opera house in the world (and there are a lot of those!).

Happy Listening!!! (and i know of some cool things to listen to)

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